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Eric Orr

Eric Orr was an exceptional student and outstanding athlete at Stratford High School.  By his sophomore year, he was offered numerous scholarships to major Universities and Colleges world-wide.  Fast-forwarding to his senior year, he had a misunderstanding with a teacher and misappropriated conduct in behavior, which led to a suspension then quitting school with only 3 months to complete his high school education.  The principle reached out to Eric encouraging him not to give up.  He then proceeded to enter back into school and received his diploma (on-time) May 2005. 

Fall 2005, Eric was a member of a local university basketball team where he was on track to receive All-Freshman…..everything!  This potentially included All-Conference, Top Ten leading scorer in the Nation, MVP, and more.  Unfortunately, he led himself to being kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons.  Eric felt hopelessness and despair.  Soon after, he dropped out of school, finding himself in even more trouble and decided to discover life the hard way. 

 After being in the program for less than a year, we saw a complete 360 in Eric.  He is certainly not the kid I knew over 5 years ago, yet a young man on the road to his destiny.  I consistently kept watch over Eric during his basketball games to view any potential rage or negative attitude.  Blessfully, he has not had ANY outbursts towards the officials or any disrespect with the coaches.  Additionally, most of his teammates did not contain near his talent level, though he showed much compassion, encouragement, and teamwork towards each of them every night.  In my close observations and talks with Eric, life on the other side has certainly humbled him.  He has always understood his potential.  The difference now is he doesn’t take anything for granted.  He certainly deserves a second chance!   We’ve already witnessed what can happen when a young man doesn’t have a positive environment and plausible options.  Losing the opportunity to be a student-athlete again is far too much of a risk versus the opposing.  I’m proud to announce that he is currently attending Trevecca Nazarene University! 

Thank you Thaddeus Young (Phili 76'ers) for donating the very shoes in his hands!  God will continue to bless you!

Many young men, just like Eric Orr are born into negative environments daily; only God can judge them.  As adults, we must be careful in how we respond to all situations as our Youth look up to us.  After all, someone helped us along the way as it takes a village to raise a child.

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